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We have a passion about promoting Events, Products and Services; it's what we do!

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Our Passion

We have a passion about promoting your business concepts, services and products - it's what we do!

Whiteboard Marketing, is one of the leading explainer video services promoting businesses, events, campaigns and a whole lot more. We operate globally and it’s always fun to help businesses become one of the most talked about brands.

Todate, we have acquired all the necessary technical expertise in producing unique animated marketing videos that depicts a story ranging from both whiteboard and blackboard videos with superb graphics complimented with background music and/or voice-over narration.

We created Whiteboard Marketing as a response to the market place looking for animated explainer videos that explains business, ideas and services in a fun engaging way.

Our explainer videos sends a seamless message that is easy to understand and with all potential to go viral.

Research shows that an explainer video has more of a chance to get conversions rather than simple text. Animated web videos are the way for every business to explain both their products and services in an easy and fun manner and always gets more results than plain text.

Our animated web video is the best way for you to get your services, business, company, ideas noticed.

Browse through a selection of our animated explainer videos which range from 'pre-made' to the more bespoke, handmade videos in both 'Whiteboard' and 'Blackboard' designs.

Our explainer videos come in styles like kinetic text, story telling, marketing video, promo video and white board styles to name just a few.

When was the last time you liked a business explainer video which tempted you to buy or try something? That's the power of Explainer Videos by Whiteboard Marketing which is why we use that reason to good effect.

Try our affordable explainer videos and you too will see a distinct increase of conversions and brand awareness of your business that our Clients both experience and enjoy!

When you add your bespoke explainer video to your Website and any of the 91 Social Networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even your email signature, you will see a distinct 'jump' in traffic!

Just imagine the impact that would have on your sales - and why? Because everyone loves to hear a Story!

And because they are designed to industry (.mp4) standards and just three (3) minutes long, you can even push your business explainer video via txt message!

Enter the world of Animated Explainer Videos with Whiteboard Marketing and feel your marketing power come to life, watching your online traffic explode!


Why Choose Us?


Convert visitors into Leads and Clients with a Whiteboard Marketing Explainer Video!


Start getting more customer conversion rates, leads, shares and likes!


We deliver complex procedures in a simple, easy to understand and effective way!


Explain your brand product / service within seconds providing an instant impact!


Explainer videos are an easy and effective way to attract multiple customers all at once!


Using the power of Whiteboard Marketing Story telling, you engage your visitors!

Explainer Video Library

The following are a small sample selection of the many industry topics that we offer.

To view each presentation, simply click on the industry subject of interest.


Why Hire Us?

Our Clients expect nothing short of the best standards in both the product and customer care in meeting their marketing needs - that's why they choose us!


We don’t work on art templates as we work on making customised characters that meet and match according to the requirement of the client. Each of the custom art developed to give professional, polished look to your explainer video.


We work within our client's budget which is why we are our fees are so affordable. We do not look to inflate development fees so as to remain within the scope of the project making sure a client's explainer video meets their exacting needs.


We take a planned approach in what we do so as to meet deadlines. Our priority is based on delivering your project on time and within budget. We do so quickly but without sacrificing quality, remaining within the scope of your project.


We have a pool of versatile voice-over artists that offer a rich variety of styles in American, Australian or British and have the ability to meet most language requirements. You can choose among them that really sync well in explaining your brand story.


We understand that script is really important for delivering your brand message. We write scripts that tell your brand story and convert your visitors into customers. Our stories are so engaging that they can give you buyers instantly.


We value your ideas in which we ensure that such remain confidential until you disclose them on your explainer video. We are also happy to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement if so required.


To ensure your total satisfaction, we provide unlimited revisions. We provide staged levels of demos of a clients explainer video for additional feedback. We want you to get the ultimate satisfaction with your explainer video.


We recognise that clients may wish to feature a specific language where a voice-over script is used for their target audience other than English. Simply tell us your chosen language and your explainer video will be built using your desired language.


A clients project is an important aspect in what we do. As such, your explainer video is monitored at every level of development. Thus you can be assured that your video project remains our top priority and at ever level of it's development.