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Marketing Business Proposal

Your Business - Our Passion!

Starting your own business conjures up all the emotions from being terrified to being excited - it takes guts to go-it-alone out there - it's risky!

And whilst people may encourage you with 'sage advice', it's YOU who is taking all the risks!

Sure, in the beginning your Friends and Family will drop by in support to buy your service or product; but you will need MORE than goodwill to pays those mounting bills toward growing your business dream!

"A Business Can Only Thrive And Grow With Customers"

But you didn't need to be a Genius or a Guru to figure that out, right?

But it is true to say that unless YOUR business is 'VISIBLE' online, YOUR business is 'INVISIBLE' to millions of potential Customers looking for YOUR Products or Services?!

Thousands of people in your business area each and every day, carry out searches on their Tablets, Mobiles and Home Computers looking for a Product or Service such as YOURS!

The problem however, unless you have a marketing strategy set-up and a sustainable marketing budget to implement your presence 'online', you may as well be 'INVISIBLE'!

Where We Come In! ...

We offer to promote your business for FREE for 30 days using the power of both Social Media and Google to target real local people who are looking for your Product or Services ...

Yes, you read that right, we said ... FREE for 30 days!

And you don't have to lift a finger to do anything..... we'll do it ALL!

We will attract and engage potential Customers to YOUR business giving you the edge over your competition!

And as part of what we do, we will also design and create a Video Explainer just for your business; which we will use as part of the marketing campaign!... Did we mention all this was FREE?! 

But hang on!!....


"There's no such thing as FREE lunch..."

There NO catch ....

To demonstrate our system, we will drive paying Customers for one whole month to your business and it will NOT cost you a single penny! ... FREE!

How It Works ...

Using the power of our SEO System through both Social Media Networks and Google, we will attract, engage and drive Customers to YOUR business giving you the edge over your competition!

All you do is provide us a 'marketing hook' such as a Promotion Discount Deal ... We'll do the rest!

An Example ...

In a recent similar project we carried out for a small business owner who were struggling to generates sales, the bills were mounting up!... so we stepped in!

The Campaign ...

We setup a marketing strategy by targeting the right audience for their business tailoring the 'offer' that if a customer were to also bring with them a 'friend', not only would they get the discount, their friend would also enjoy the same benefit! .... BOOM!!

Here's The Maths ...

The offer in this instance was for a discounted service from £130.00 to £80.00 generating 25 paying Customers resulting in sales of £2000.00!

As the offer was also based on bringing a 'Friend' which was another 25 people, the total sales in this instance was £4000.00 in just a single week!

And that was just a taster!

All that new business in sales and it didn't cost the business owner a single penny! ... FREE!

No Longer Skeptical ...

So as you would expect, that business owner suddenly 'woke-up' to the reality of our powerful marketing system having seen 'real' tangible results!

So now they had experienced the potential in Whiteboard Marketing driving customers to the door ... they got on with what they knew best which was of course, running their business!

In short, WE did ALL the heavy lifting driving Customers through the door!!

And seeing that we had delivered these results at absolutely no cost to them, they had a question...

"Can this be continued?

Moving Forward ...

So that we had demonstrated the power of our marketing system and to continue driving Customers to their business, all that would be required would be to pay a single one-off monthly fee regardless the amount of paying customers we generate for them!

The Reality ....

Seeing that our system drove 50 paying customers to their business and realising the potentially in growth - they snapped our offer up!

For them, it really was a no brainer and today are growing from 'strength-to-strength' as we drive more and more Customers to their business!

In short, THEY GOT IT! ... and YOU will too!

Here's just a few Client Reviews

And it gets better ....

Should that same business generate another company lead who in turn took up our initial free offer and then converted to the same system, the referrer would enjoy a significant discount on THEIR monthly fee! ... another cost savings!

Try Our Marketing System - Costs you NOTHING!


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