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by P.Coxall on Whiteboard Marketing
Our Video

Just to say thanks to Sarah for the help and advice for our video explainer. The template we chose was just perfect for us!

by Caroline.T on Whiteboard Marketing
Cost Effective

We love this service, we do make our own videos but given the time and costs involved, you saved us a fortune. You just delivered our latest event video and we are stunned! - simple, informative and $1k less than the service we used locally!! We'll be back!

by G.Towbridge on Whiteboard Marketing
How is this possible?

How could I have been doing this ALL wrong?  I spent tons on ads, google, facebook, even paid people to do it for me and got absolutely nowhere other than losing money!!  But what can I say about Richard - you my man, are the best and can't thank you enough!!

by Peter.K on Whiteboard Marketing
Own business

I have a small photography business and needed a simple presentation showing my wedding project. I used fiverr but the costs soon mounted up. Using you guys, it was super easy, competitively priced and such great support. I will definitely be using your services again for sure. Thank you!

by Petra.S on Whiteboard Marketing
Save me a fortune!

How can this be real?!!  I had tried all ways to attract customers but no matter what I did I was getting NOWHERE AND IT WAS COSTING ME A FORTUNE!! Now the phone never stops ringing with customer enquiries and I can'r believe it!!!  THANK YOU RICHARD!

by Peter Johnson on Whiteboard Marketing

Never have I seen such a result in my business! I have to do EVERYTHING which included trying to find customers so when I suddenly had an influx of telephone calls for my product, I was blown away!  Thing was, I never knew where they were coming from until I got a call one day from Richard! He was generating these for me and I never knew until he called - now, he takes care of all the tech stuff for me and to say I am happy is an understatement!

by Janet.M on Whiteboard Marketing
Simple, super easy

We deal with a lot of video producers but never has a process been so simple using you guys! You saved us a bundles in terms of cost and the product is just great for our needs!

by Caroline.Y on Whiteboard Marketing
Just wow!

I'm just starting out in my business so getting customers has been very difficult to say the least. So when a friend suggested speaking to Richard on getting customers was the best thing I have ever done! And the best part for me is, my competitors are scratching their heads how I'm doing it!

by Karl.K on Whiteboard Marketing
No way!!!

I want to know HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!! I was paying a company £2k a MONTH to generate leads for me and got nothing and asking me for more money for google ads and Richard did it in less than 30 days generating 51 new customers and for FREE!! Okay, you made your point - I dropped the other company, you have my attention!!

by Pat.H on Whiteboard Marketing

I run my business, Richard generates my leads and paying customers - it really was that simple - a god send! And NO - I will NOT be sharing this gem with my bike competition!