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Customer Order Section

 Making Your Payment

Paying for your Business Video Explainer could not be easier with Whiteboard Marketing!

Simply choose from either our website Video Gallery or our Facebook Page which template fits your industry or niche. Then, send us a message via our contact form and simply tell us which template you like.

In the first instance, we will make you a business video explainer using your business brand such as name, logo, telephone and associated images and send the first demo for your inspection. You then tell us what edits or changes you would like and when done, verify that you are happy with the final edit!

Once approved, you simply confirm via e-mail, which acts as confirmation / written off, and only at that point do you then make your payment using our preferred secure payment processor - PayPal.

When payment has been received, you will then automatically receive the final video and, as a final free bonus, we'll also optimise your video so that Search Engines can send organic traffic!

Once the transaction has been made, you will be returned to our website to confirm receipt of your payment. In addition, a confirmation receipt will also be sent to you using the e-mail address that you used to make your payment - please see payment information below 


 3D Videos

The following section is for 3D Business Video Explainers


 Series 5

Total of Five - 4+1 Free

£1,400.00 - Save £350.00

 Series 10

Total of Ten - 8+2 Free

£2,800.00 - Save £700.00

 Animated Videos

The following section is for Animated Business Video Explainer


 Series 5

Total of Five - 4+1 Free

£1,000.00 - Save £250.00

 Series 10

Total of Ten - 8+2 Free

£2,000.00 - Save £500.00

 Custom Videos

Should you require a custom business video explainer or you cannot find an example on our website that fits your niche / industry, simply use the contact button below and we'll find one for you.


Before payment is made, you will be provided with a demo in which you can request edits / amendments within the scope of the development. Before finally approving, you must ensure that it meets you exacting needs as per your instruction.

Once approved by the customer in writing via e-mail, which acts as confirmation as being written off / accepted, only at this point can payment be made at which point, the final product is then electronically delivered.

Due to the fact that the product is digital, once it has been provided to the customer it cannot be returned / deleted. As such, once payment has been made and the product provided, no refunds will be considered.

Help & Support

Should you need any assistance with making you payment or there's something wrong, simply give us a call on : 01902 595103 of, use the contact button provided.