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Frequently Asked Questions

Explainer Video for Businesses

Selection of Commonly Asked Questions

Whiteboard Marketing receives daily questions about its explainer video services as well as our free marketing lead trial.

Here you can read many of the the most common questions or queries we receive which we hope helps. However, if your question is not addresses please feel free to ask the team who will be pleased to assist you.

How does the Marketing Proposal work?

Many businesses don't have either the time or the money to market their services, its complicated work. So what we do is provide a free 30 service where they get the leads and sales but don't need to pay us.

Once they see real tangible results not just in leads but sales, it is then they they simply decide to either tell us to continue or stop.

Please see our Marketing Proposal outline much outlines how it works - it really is free for 30 days so you have nothing to lose but all to gain!

Where can I see examples of work?

We feature examples of our work in our Explainer Video Library of the many that we make for clients, most prefer that we sign an NDA for confidentiality forbidding us to feature them on our website.

How many revisions do I have?

When we have completed your prototype explainer video which we call a 'soft' project; we then send this for your feedback.

To ensure that all aspects are addressed and delivered as per your project questionnaire, revisions may be required.  Such are applied which are deemed reasonable and within the project instruction.

This is to ensure that we always remain within both the the 'scope' of the project and your budget.

How long will I wait for my Video?

This largely depends on the number of revisions and how quickly you need it for your marketing strategy. As an example, our record is usually within in 72 hours for a library explainer.  For bespoke projects, our standard delivery period is 7-14 days but often, the project is completed well within the deadline.

What if I don’t like or want it?

In the unlikely event you do not like you explainer video, simply write to us outlining your reasons.

We're reasonable people at whiteboard marketing so be assured that we will do all that we can to help resolve the matter and do so amicably. So if your unsatisfied and despite our best efforts in finding a solution, your deposit will be refunded subject to our refund policy.

Do I get ongoing Customer Support?

For our clients, two aspects are vital: animation quality and customer care. Our Team make excellent quality explainer animations which is backed up by excellent customer care. Additionally, we’re are competitively priced and customer focused in everything that we do. As the customer, you have full control over the creative process in order that we may deliver exactly what you require.

What is the length of an explainer video?

Our unique approach is building explainer videos ranging from one (1) to three (3) minutes.  People haven't the time to sit there all day watching videos so these playing times are long enough to engage but short enough to inform.

This is why we are able to make them for a fraction of the cost you'll find anywhere else!

What does the price include?

You get a full animated production, starting from storyboard to script preparation. What’s important is that the client oversees every stage of creation. Script, Storyboard, Graphics, Animation and Sound effects. We work on them together and adjust accordingly as required.

What’s the process to get started?

You simply send us a message, we telephone you to get a 'feel' as to your requirements, send you a small, uncomplicated and straight forward questionnaire.  This is so we can get an outline of your business, images, develop a script and perform some market research.

You then simply make a securing 50% deposit to activate and commence the process of building the framework of your explainer video...Simples!

Can we get a free explainer video demo?

Sure you can, simply contact us and we'll arrange a basic demonstration explainer video just for you!

What’s the idea behind creating an explainer video?

It’s as if you were to ask a company owner 10-15 years ago why does he/she need a website? People didn’t have websites but now they do! And it doesn’t matter if it’s an international corporation or a small corner shop!

If you can read about a company or watch a 60 second clip about it, what would you choose? In today's environment we become more and more lazy. We don’t like to read exhaustive portrayals of company’s operations. Explainer videos have become the main source of information about a company. After watching such a clip, the customer immediately makes a purchase decision!

Think of it like 'speed dating' - You’ve got 180 seconds to present yourself. If you’re good at it, you stay in the game!

What is an “Explainer Video”?

It’s best described as a short clip, usually of around 60-120 seconds, which explains your business, idea or app because businesses today are conscious about the importance of videos and animations as these convey a message quicker than reading.

It's also true to say that most people prefer watching over reading because they love watching a story unfold on either your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter channels!