Rates & Fees

Whiteboard Marketing

Rates & Fees

Explainer Video for Businesses

We work in a transparent manner with regard our rates and fees so please do read these prior to ordering.

Briefing Document :

We design and build explainer videos based on a briefing document that we send to you as the customer.  It's simple and easy to use asking for just the basic elements of what you do, who you are, your logo image, address, telephone number.

Contacting You :

A member of the Team arranges to call you or you call us, whichever is convenient for you.  This is just to discuss the content of the briefing document and get a feel about you and your business.

Explainer Video Format :

To maximise you explainer video, we build your video in .mp4 format.

Pricing and Cost :

This is dependant on the package selected.

Starter Video - £50.00

A 60 second explainer video with your logo and business details.

Library Videos - £20.00

These include Branded Outro & Music - Save £25.00!

Whiteboard - £450.00

These include Branded Outro & Music/Voice Over - Save £25.00!

Blackboard - £550.00

These include Branded Outro & Music/Voice Over - Save £75.00!

Bespoke Video - Typically between £600 - £5,500

These include the full package including with free Hosting Services.

Add Ons :

Voice Over - £150.00 - Special Artwork - £150.00 - Bespoke Music - £150.00

Delivery Timelines :

The deadline to complete 'ready made' projects is approx 1 week. The deadline to complete White/Blackboard projects is approx  2 weeks. The deadline to complete bespoke projects is approx  4-5 weeks.

Payment Terms :

An initial deposit of 50% will be paid at the beginning of the project in which the remaining 50% will be paid upon the final delivery/completion.

You will be sent a final preview demonstration file to approve and once the final payment is made, your 'working' and 'final' video explainer is then released/delivered electronically.

Commercial Purpose and RAW Source Files :

Whiteboard Marketing is committed not to use the video for any commercial purpose.  However, unless specified otherwise, the Client consents to our showcasing such on our website.

In order to maintain our development/production fees at a competitive level, we do not provide raw source files as part of the package. Should the Client require such, an additional fee will be applicable.

Refunds :

In case the Client requires a refund for any unapproved stage, they can apply for a refund based on our refund policy.