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Refunds Policy

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Please read to ensure that you are both familiar and informed as to our Refunds Policy.

Rarely if ever, we receive a request for a refund.  However and for whatever reason should this ever occur, you can be assured that we 'listen' and treat our Client both reasonably and fairly.

We want you to be happy with what we do; which is why we work in a transparent manner.  So please take a few minutes prior to placing your order toward familiarising yourself with our processes.

How This Works :

Once you place/activate an order, we deliver according to your needs.

Making sure that the product meets exactly what was ordered, is the responsibility of the purchaser. Before you make any payment you will be able to view and test the video.

Only when you are 100% satisfied do you then make payment - not before.

No refunds are provided once an order has been viewed/checked/closed/accepted by the purchaser.

The responsibility remains with the purchase, prior to payment, in ensuring that the project has been completed, free-from-errors and delivered according to your instructions.

We also do not refund payments once a project has been 'signed off' by the purchaser.

Please note, that we incur costs in getting your order fulfilled and a payment refund policy shall only be granted if there is mistake on our part.

However, where applicable, project revisions are continuous for a reasonable period of time until you are satisfied.

Payment Refunds Are ONLY Acceptable When :

  • We fail to deliver,
  • We do not deliver what you ordered,
  • We deliver poor material, not according to the accepted Video Animation Reference, Colour, Theme and Rendering Standards,
Disputes / Payment :

You have every right to raise dispute with regard a payment refund subject to the above conditions. If any/all work has been transferred to you either physically or digitally, it will be deemed as 'delivered'.

You must understand that digital products cannot be 'returned' as they become 'non-transferable'.  As such we will be unable to consider your payment refund.

Your Rights As A Consumer :

We will endeavour to address any/all issues should you feel aggrieved in any way both fairly and reasonably.

However, if your complaint or dispute remains unresolved, you should contact your local Trading Standards Organisation as they provide independent dispute resolution, free of charge.