Video Interact

The Evolution Of Video Marketing

Video Interact Creates Videos That Work Across All Browsers & Mobile Devices To Maximise Your Leads, Sales, Traffic & Profits - the perfect tool for marketing ANY business and, its AFFORDABLE!

Video Just Got Smarter

We create dynamic business video explainers providing a unique viewing experience that increases engagement, viewing time, clicks and sales …

Join The Future of Video

Video Interact uses behavioural dynamic response within the video to deliver custom content to each & every video viewer.

How It Works

It's really simple, unlike a normal video, viewers are able to now click on the video which will take them to a predefined destination such as your Social Media Platform, an Offer, a website and much more!

Watch The Demo

This video presentation is a basic example of how video interact works, all you need is imagination!

Unlike 'normal' videos, the visitor can actually 'click' on items within the video whilst it's playing such as a Facebook Logo, a Website Address and many more. In addition, you can add an Image, Colour and add Links to any URL!

As you saw, this is just an amazing and unique way of marketing any business big or small as it sets you aside from the competition!

If you would like a Video Interact Busines Explainer or have a question such as price and development schedule, simply contact the team