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13 Ways A Whiteboard Marketing Video Can Benefit Your Business, Boosting Sales, Increasing Brand Awareness!

Not every video is able to 'hit the mark' in making business stand out, but this is one area that whiteboard marketing animation videos excels and there are many reasons for its success in boosting sales and conversions.

1. Welcoming Introduction

A video needs to be creative, interesting, engaging and informative if it is to grab and retain the viewer’s attention.

Whiteboard animation is arguably the most and most popular method for both existing and start-up businesses because it is perfect for achieving and pitching your service, products, events and venues in a memorable introduction.

2. See the Idea From Birth

Whiteboard animation is a creative, clear and engaging way to show viewers how your company came about, starting with the idea, its development, and evolution to where you are today.

Conveying information like this can flow in a pleasant way and make learning about your company and what you offer an enjoyable discovery as to what it is that your business offers.

3. Inspire Confidence

Nobody wants to do business with a company they don’t trust.

Because whiteboard marketing videos is able to convey so much information in an entertaining way, it can show your company to be professional and knowledgeable and so encourage viewers to be confident in the brand and what you offer as a service.

This is incredibly important for start-up businesses that are striving to get accepted and noticed in a competitive market.

4. Positive Brand Image

A whiteboard marketing video can help not only in inspiring confidence in your company, but by forming an overall brand awareness in terms of identity.

The style of your video will impact on the image portrayed, as well the message and chosen concept. There’s a lot to think about when putting across the desired brand identity and if done effectively, whiteboard marketing videos do wonders.

Many corporate values can be portrayed through a whiteboard animation, and you can associate your brand with a fun or up-beat feel. Other emotions can also be targeted by the video, adding to its appeal and impacting on the image and message put across.

5. Constant Movement

Making an explainer video is like riding a bike, you need to have it constantly moving or someone is going to fall off. That someone in this case is the viewer.

The continuous change and movement in the images of a whiteboard animation keeps the viewer’s brain engaged and involved. If this all flows in an attractive sequence it can be quite hypnotic. In addition, different and varying animation techniques can also be used to add to appeal.

6. Mix Animation Styles

It is so easy to mix different methods of animation in a whiteboard marketing video.

A piece of infographics could be integrated into animated video sequence of cartoon drawings, allowing you to not just draw the viewer’s attention, but also to convey lots of diverse information in different ways.

7. Your Story

A whiteboard marketing video can convey your business story so much more better than text in one minute. It’s a great time saver and need not be expensive.

In fact, you are likely to make a great return in sales on your investment in having an explainer video, so it pays for itself in no time!

8. Free Up Your Webpage

Since all the information you need to share will be in your engaging whiteboard marketing video, you can free your website of all that unappealing text.

Too much clutter can be overwhelming and make a website unattractive, so this can really help to retain visitors on your site, so that they browse and find out more.

9. Explaining Services

A top advantage of animation is that it can convey not just complicated things, but also those that are not visual. By conjuring up a set of images to explain a process or service, this medium can make things far easier to understand.

It is because of this that many businesses use whiteboard marketing animation videos to explain what it is that they offer.

10. Marketing Instrument

There are so many products, services and brands that whiteboard marketing animation videos can be used to describe. It is often used to educate about something, but it can also be used to share simple messages, perhaps by creating a story.

Set your imagination free and you will surely find an innovative way to use this animation medium to share your desired message and accomplish your business objectives.

11. Boosting Sales

The movement, images, appealing concept and script of a whiteboard marketing animation video make it truly engaging, so the viewer often does not feel as though they are engaging in a marketing message or sales funnel.

When consumers are more relaxed, they are more likely to engage in the call-to-action at the end of a video, whether this is to navigate to another page on the website, make a purchase, or some other action.

12. Get Shared, Go Viral

Because whiteboard marketing animation videos can be so engaging and entertaining, they are often liked, commented on and shared across social media platforms, acquiring more and more views.

As an example, how many people do you have on your Facebook or Twitter accounts?  Imagine the impact when you share you business whiteboard marketing animation video.  Now, imagine those 'friends' or 'followers' sharing your video!

It's simple, sharing your whiteboard marketing video to such an extent that it goes viral!

13. Build Brand Recognition

The sharing of a whiteboard marketing video can build brand identity and recognition as the images and sounds in an animation can become synonymous with a brand.

Where, how, and by whom an animated video is shared can influence the brand image that is formed. The nature of a business and its objectives impact on the way whiteboard marketing animation video is best applied.

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